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Hiking With Your Dog

Summer is on the way, which means it's time to explore outdoors! Hiking with your pup can be a great time, but being prepared is key! Follow these tips to have a fun and enriching experience with your dog.

Washing Your Rope Hounds Gear
It's time for spring cleaning - and that means your pup's leashes and collars! Follow these simple steps and your dog's gear will be looking and smelling fresh in no time.
Traveling With Your Dog
  Traveling With Your Dog Our Rope Hounds ambassadors have some great tips on traveling with your pup! Spring is here, and you and your pup are ready for an adventure! Traveling with your dog can be a fun and...
Do Dogs Really Love Us?
Of course we all love our dogs, but can they really love us back?
Training 101: Why Train Your Dog?
Wondering how to get started training your dog? All dogs (old and young) can learn new tricks! Training your dog builds confidence and strengthens your bond.
Ambassador Search
Love high-quality, durable dog gear and going on adventures with your dog? Become a Rope Hounds ambassador!
Holiday Gift Guide 2022
The Holiday season is here! It's time to start thinking about holiday shopping, so we have a gift guide to make it a little easier for you to shop for the dog lover in your life! Check out these awesome online gift ideas, and if you're local, be sure to come in-store where we have even more great gifts. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a gift card. Happy shopping!
It's National Walk Your Dog Week!
Check out a few of our favorite local places to take our pups around Bentonville!
BARK to School
Learn more about how to transition your dog during Back to School time!
Fostering a Dog
Learn more about fostering a dog during National Foster a Pet Month!
Doggie Seatbelts
Our seatbelts keep your dog safe while riding in the car with you. 
Trail Bells for Dogs
Our doggie trail bells are perfect for outdoor adventures. Learn more about them in our latest blog 
Rope Reviews: River the Vizsla
Learn about why River loves her Rope Hounds  
Narrow Adventure Collar
Our lastes release, the Narrow Adventure Dog Collar, ensures adventure for the small dogs! 
Urban Handle Leashes
Our Urban Handle leashes are one of our most versatile products! Learn more about our two-handle leashes in our latest blog 
Rope Reviews: 4 Barkansas
Learn about why 4Barkansas loves the Rope Hounds products in our latest blog post! 
How to Use the Fi Compatible Collar
One of our best selling products are our Fi Compatible collars! Learn more about the collars and how to attach the Fi module to our collars 
Trick or Treating with your Dog!
Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you want to share the fun of trick or treating with your family AND dog?! Here are a few things to remember and a some tips if you want to take your dog trick or treating with you and your family on Halloween.
Happy (almost) Summer!
From getting outside more to hopefully going on that amazing summer vacation, this is the perfect time of the year to explore more with your dog! And while you explore, we want you to be sure your dog can join in and stay safe while adventuring! Here are a few ways to keep you and your best friend happy this summer!
Why Start Rope Hounds?
Why start another dog products company? I have been asked that question…a lot. When I started Rope Hounds, I wanted to make a company I was proud of. I desired to start a small, family-owned business where the dog products were handmade in the US. A business that, when you have a question, you connect straight with me.