It's National Walk Your Dog Week!

October 2022

It's National Walk Your Dog Week!



The weather is (finally) changing and it’s the perfect time to start a routine of walking your pup!

 Woman in a red Rope Hounds shirt and Rope Hounds hat walking a white dog in a park.


Did you know that walking your dog helps with dog behavior issues by increasing endorphins? It also helps fight canine obesity, and helps build your pup’s confidence around others and increases their bond with you. Walking your dog also increases your cardiovascular health, can lower blood pressure, and also decreases stress!

 Small dog with green Rope Hounds leash walking in the park


We love being in a dog-friendly town where there are so many things to do with our best furry friends. Here are a few cool places we like to take our dogs around Bentonville:


When it comes to walking your dog, we have all the options! Our 2’ traffic lead is perfect for medium to large dogs to keep them close while walking. For small dogs, our 4’ classic dog leash is the perfect length to keep them close. Or, our urban handle dog leash is the best of both worlds! It has an extra handle by the collar, allowing you to pull your dog close when needed. We also have a splitter leash where you can walk two pups! 


Two dogs walking along a shoreline with a Rope Hounds splitter leash connected to a classic dog leash.

And don’t forget about our limited-release fall leash - only available till Oct 31st!

Green Rope Hounds dog leash

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