Why Not Use a Retractable Leash?

Why Not Use a Retractable Leash?

Retractable leashes are everywhere – they’re in every pet store and are used by a lot of people, but they probably aren’t the best choice for your dog. And here’s why… 

Safety: When taking your pup out, safety is a priority. Because of their thin retractable cord, retractable leashes are notorious for getting tangled up, which can cause injury or lacerations to you and/or your dog. They can also snap or break if they become tangled, which would allow your dog to run off or get in a dangerous situation. 

Control: Fixed leashes allow you to have more control over your pup. Retractable leashes are difficult to control, and the thin cord can be hard to grip and easily slip from your hand where your dog may be able to get too far away from you and get into trouble. A fixed leash allows your dog to roam a certain distance, but you can easily bring them close to you if needed. 

Training: Dogs feel more secure when they know what our expectations are. Letting your pup roam on a retractable leash puts them in control where it’s difficult to maintain consistency in training. Putting them in control before they know basic training skills can be dangerous for them (and for you.) 

Fixed leashes are the safest and most reliable option for your dog. While retractable leashes may boast convenience and a long lead, your pup’s safety and security isn’t worth the risk. Check out our Classic Leashes in 4-foot and 6-foot lengths, and our Urban Handle Leash, which has a built-in traffic handle for even more control.    

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