BARK to School

August 2022

BARK to School

Here are some expert tips on how to help your dog with the transition

It's that time again - it's BARK to School! Changes in schedules happen, but they can be stressful for your dog. After a summer of hanging out with your pup, an abrupt change may cause anxiety in your pet and can be a major adjustment for them (and sometimes for you!)




According to the experts, here are some things you can do to make this transition as smooth as possible for you and your dog!

  • Give your dog toys, puzzles, and other enrichment activities to keep them busy and reduce boredom. Use positive reinforcement training to show your dog how to interact with the toys.
  • Introduce your dog to their new routine. If possible, ease them into their new schedule so they’ll know what to expect when school begins.
  • Make sure your pup is getting proper exercise. Your dog may be home alone more with a new schedule, so make sure they’re getting enough exercise by walking them before and after work/school.
  • Consider taking your dog to school! If you think your pup would benefit from classes or socialization, you could take them to a doggie day camp a couple of times during the week. If camp may be too stressful for them, a dog-sitter could also help with bathroom breaks and playtime.
  • Most importantly, make time for your dog! Back to school can be a busy time, so make sure your dog is still getting lots of love and attention!

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