Do Dogs Really Love Us?

February 2023

Do Dogs Really Love Us?

We think of our dogs as our best friends, but can they love us back?


Two goldendoodle dogs standing in front of the LOVE statue at Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas

If you're a dog owner, you already know the answer to this...of course dogs love us! But do they love like we do?

Dogs are highly social animals and have evolved to form strong bonds with humans and other animals. They can certainly form deep and meaningful relationships, which many people interpret as love. 

Dogs have the ability to form strong emotional connections with their owners, and they often show affection through actions like wagging their tails, leaning against their owner, or bringing them toys & other offerings. They also have the ability to sense and respond to the emotions and well-being of their humans.

Research has shown that dogs have the same hormone, Oxytocin, known as the "love hormone" that plays a role in social bonding, which also indicates that they are capable of having similar emotions as humans, including love. Science has shown higher levels of oxytocin in dogs and their owners after looking into each other's eyes. 


Bernedoodle black & white dog laying on the grass wearing a Sea Green Rope Hounds collar and urban leash.

Dogs are also known for their loyalty, and they will often go to great lengths to protect and care for their owners. The way they express and feel love may be different from us, but it's clear that dogs are capable of experiencing and showing love.

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Dachshund dog standing on a rock with Rope Hounds peanut butter treats and sweet potato treats

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