Doggie Seatbelts

May 13, 2022

Doggie Seatbelts

Safety First


One of our favorite products for your pup is the seatbelt. Like all of our products, the Rope Hounds seatbelts are made with strong, durable, colorful climbing rope.

The seatbelts help protect your pup while in the car. Simply click the end into your cars seatbelt buckle. 

An important note on the use of the seatbelts. ALWAYS clip the seatbelt to a harness on your pup. This keeps your dog safe in case of an accident keeping the force away from their neck. Seatbelts also help keep your pup in their own seat during the drive.

Our seatbelts are an adjustable length, keeping your dog comfortable on the car ride. You can get them in a variety of colors to match your current Rope Hounds collection.

 Check out our selection today!

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