Washing Your Rope Hounds Gear

April 2023

Gear Need a Refresh?

No worries - your Rope Hounds dog gear is machine washable!


Irish Setter dog wearing Rope Hounds leash and collar - he is standing in the water.

It's time for spring cleaning, and your dog's gear may be in need of some TLC.  

No worries! Rope Hounds dog gear is machine washable! Our leashes and collars are made from professional climbing rope, so it's made for nature and the elements. Lakes, rivers, sand, mountains, mud...it's all good (and fun!)

Our gear is made for adventure, just like your pup!

Follow these easy steps and your gear will be looking (and smelling) fresh in no time!
  • Buckle your collars and remove the Fi module if you are using a Fi-compatible collar
  • Place collars and leashes in a mesh bag 
  • Place the bag in the washing machine with a couple of towels
  • Wash using a mild detergent on delicate setting
  • NOTE: If your gear is extra stinky, add a little bit of vinegar or an enzyme detergent to give it some extra help
  • Lay flat or hang to dry
That's it! Easy breezy...now you can get back to enjoying your adventures with the best leashes and collars around.

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  • Michael

    Great Blog! Good info.

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