Family Owned, Hand-crafted with Love

Rex Warr, founder and owner of Rope Hounds, started the company with one mission in mind: to create dependable, adventure-ready pet products that you can be proud of. Rex believes that you and your dog deserve the best, and Rope Hounds aims to create the best by combining thoughtful design with exceptional durability. The idea was born while discussing the need for quality dog leashes with reliable, in-stock product. Many handmade dog products have long lead times and delayed delivery, but at Rope Hounds, we stay in front of production and ship your order within a couple of days so you can begin your adventure with your best friend.


Founded in the heart of the Ozark Mountains in Bentonville, AR, we were inspired by the need to adventure, to get lost in the woods, and to do so with your best friend. Through the love of the outdoors and the belief that together we can make a happier, healthier world, the team at Rope Hounds creates dog products that are made for adventure by using real climbing rope from the world's top rope-makers, along with durable hardware. Because life is more fun when you can play and adventure to the fullest with gear you can trust.

By Using Rock Climbing Rope

We use real, dynamic climbing rope made by the world's leading rope-makers. Climbing rope is not only strong and durable, but it's also colorful! It is designed to hold up to substantial wear and tear when used by rock climbers, and is more dependable than average rope. Since climbing rope comes in so many colors, Rope Hounds is able to offer endless design options to help you adventure in your own style.

Handmade with Love

All Rope Hounds pet products are hand crafted with the highest quality materials to create a durable, yet comfortable leash. Every product at Rope Hounds is quality tested and must meet our high standards to provide adventure-seekers the perfect combination of safety, style, and function that your pet deserves.

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