Trail Bells for Dogs

April 27, 2022

Dog Trail Bells

Keeping your best friend safe!

Our trail bells for dogs is one of the safety products we sell here at Rope Hounds. Sometimes called, bear bells, they help you when you are off-leash with your dog. The trail bells keep you alerted to your dog's location, but they also alert other humans and animals to your dog's presence. 

The tradition of trail bells extends far beyond hiking however. Hunters have used bells for centuries to track their dogs and locate their game. 
While we sell bells for dogs, we also know some humans that use the trail bells for themselves while running, hiking or mountain biking.


We sell our doggie trail bells in a variety of colors to match and compliment your collars and leashes. They are a perfect fit for the Adventure, Narrow, and Fi collars. 

 Check out our selection today!

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