Introducing the Rope Hounds Harness

When we were making the Rope Hounds harness, we wanted something that was streamlined and easy to put on and take off of your dog when you're out on your adventure, whether it be hitting the trails or the city streets. The design we came up with still has the durability and strength of real climbing rope, and is made for medium to large sized pups.

Rope Hounds harness

What are the benefits of using a harness?

  • Increased Safety:  Collars can put pressure on a dog's neck, so a harness is a great option for pups (especially pullers!)
  • Improved Control:  Harnesses give dog moms and dads better leverage to maintain control on walks
  • Discourages Pulling:  Our harness gently squeezes the pup's chest when they pull, which encourages them to slow down, promoting better walking habits
  • Comfort and Style:  Our harness is comfortable and easily slips on and off, allowing for the ultimate in comfort, and with so many colors to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits your dog's personality and style

We hope you and your pup love the unique design of the Rope Hounds harness and enjoy many happy and safe adventures together!

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