Rope Reviews: River the Vizsla

March 29, 2022

Rope Reviews:

River the Vizsla

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story with Rope Hounds.

It's actually a funny story that involves me stalking Peaches on Instagram. When River was a pup, we followed (and still follow) a bunch of vizslas on Instagram. One afternoon not too long after COVID hit, I was sitting in my car, at the vet, waiting on River's appointment, when across the lot I SWORE I saw another vizsla and I SWORE it was Peaches and her human. So naturally, I did the "not crazy" thing and grabbed my phone to instant message Peach's mom and ask "IS THAT YOU OVER THERE?!?!". It WAS and thankfully she didn't think I was an axe murderer ... we hooked up for a play date with the pups after their respective vet visits. We noticed Peach's collar asked about it. We popped into Rope Hounds not long after. We loved the products, the colors and the quality and the fact that Rope Hounds was a local small business! When they started an Ambassador search, we put in our application and the rest is history! We also gained great friends and have continued our "bestie" relationship with Peach and her family!


Why do you like Rope Hounds?

So many reasons. Aside from the quality, we love the people who run the place! They listen to feedback and genuinely care about making quality items for people and pups who love adventure. The fact that the gear holds up to "Vizsla Zoomies" is a bonus!

What is your favorite Rope Hounds product and why?

 Do I have to pick just one? Their trail bell allows me and others on the trail to "see" River... even when she's not visible to the eye. I also LOVE their handsfree running leash ... we were using another brand and I wasn't' thrilled with the weight or the bungee features. Rope Hounds created an incredible hands free running set up that's light, stylish and packs great for travel!!

Final thoughts?

 It's just flat out cool that we can walk into the shop, WITH our dogs and grab quality product and soon... a beverage! The people who run the place are 2nd to none and we are honored to be able to promote all things Rope Hounds!

You can follow River on Instagram at: @vizslariver

You can buy some of River's favorites by clicking the link below!

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