Is Halloween a Trick or Treat with Your Dog?

Halloween with your dog: 

Trick or Treat?

Here are a few tips on Trick-or-Treating with your pup:

Halloween can be fun for kids AND dogs, but it may also be a little scary! Here are a few tips to think about if you take your dog out for a spooky stroll.

 First, make sure your dog is well behaved around others (especially children) and that they are comfortable with sounds, crowds, and new situations. Even the best dogs can become overstimulated and reactive in unsure situations. 

Ready to go? Here are some tips:

  • Use a good leash, preferably a short one to keep them close by, like our 2' Traffic Lead for Medium Dogs, or our 4' Urban Leash for smaller pups.
  • Use a reflective costume or vest.
  • Remember the essentials like snacks, water, poop bags, etc.
  • Be prepared to cut it short or change plans. Manage your expectations so that if your pup becomes overwhelmed or tired you can get home easily.

We hope you have a night full of not-so-scary memories!


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