Traveling With Your Dog


Traveling With Your Dog

Our Rope Hounds ambassadors have some great tips on traveling with your pup!

Woman with four dogs standing beside a Toyota 4runner traveling with her dogs

Spring is here, and you and your pup are ready for an adventure! Traveling with your dog can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it's important to make sure you're prepared to keep your furry companion safe and comfortable while on the road.

Dachshund dog with a Rope Hounds pink seatbelt in the car

Here are some tips from our ambassadors on traveling with your pup:

  1. Make sure your dog is up-to-date on all vaccinations and has an ID tag with your contact information & bring a copy of your dog's health records with you in case of an emergency.
  2. Research pet-friendly accommodations before you go. Not all hotels or vacation rentals welcome dogs, so it's important to find a place that will accommodate you and your pup. A great place to find pet-friendly places is
  3. Pack the essentials: Food & water bowls, extra food, seat belts for the car, leashes, collars, treats, & medications. Bring a familiar toy or blanket from home to help your dog feel more comfortable.
  4. Plan for rest stops and walks to keep your dog happy and let them get some energy out. Don’t forget your Rope Hounds leash and poop bags!
  5. If you are flying, check with the airline regarding their policies and requirements for traveling with a dog. Many airlines have restrictions on the size and breed of dog that can travel in the cabin, so it's important to plan ahead. Check out Harper’s trip for some great flying tips here.
  6. If you're planning a hiking or camping trip with your dog, make sure to research the rules and regulations of the park or wilderness area you plan to visit. Some areas may have restrictions on dogs or may require them to be on a leash at all times.
  7. Be prepared for unexpected behaviors from your best friend. Sometimes new places and experiences can be stressful, so be patient with your dog until they’re comfortable with their new surroundings. A Fi tracking module can bring peace of mind in case your dog gets away from you in an unfamiliar area so that you can find them more easily.

 A man and a woman with their pitbull, boxers, and dachshund dog outdoors by a stream.

Traveling with your dog can be an incredible bonding experience and it allows your dog to enjoy new places and surroundings. With proper planning, you and your pup will have a great time! 

Special thanks to our ambassadors @4barkansas, @4coloradodogs, & @harper_shea_ for your awesome travel tips!


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