Handcrafted in Bentonville, Arkansas our dog products use colorful and strong rock climbing rope along with durable hardware - making them perfect for your next adventure! With over 50 color options, you can mix and match to find the perfect color combo for your pup’s unique personality!

Climbing Rope

Strong & Durable

All of our products are produced from rock climbing rope which is designed to hold up to substantial wear and tear when used by rock climbers, and is more dependable than average rope.

Unique Features

With over 50 colors to choose from, and features such as bottle openers, urban handles, and squishy add-on grips, our leashes are unique, just like your pup.

Handmade in the US

In order to create the best for you and your pup, we hand-craft all of our pet products in Bentonville, AR.


Our dog products all use tough, durable materials. Because life is more fun when you can play and adventure to the fullest with gear you can trust.

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Our 4 and 6-foot urban handle leashes have an extra handle located close to the end of the leash. This allows you to pull the pup close when you need to!


Our 1 and 2-foot traffic leads work well for larger dogs that either need more control, or are often in bustling urban environments.


Best for dogs of all sizes! Our 4 and 6-foot dog leashes provide the ideal length for your dog to roam without being too far away.


Our splitter leash is designed to be attached to a leash allowing for double dog walking capabilities. It can be attached to any of our leashes but works particularly great with our 1 foot and 2 foot leash options.

Human Loved, Dog Approved

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