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Rope Hounds

At Rope Hounds, we carefully handcraft high-quality pet accessories from upcycled rock climbing ropes. Our goal is to make pet products that are as rugged, durable, and stylish as the climbers and outdoorsmen and outdoorswoman that we are.

Our leashes and couplers are produced from upcycled rock climbing rope that is sourced from rope manufacturer's bulk spool ends or from retired ropes actually used by climbers and guides at various climbing destinations and gyms across the US.


Incredibly Strong & Durable

No other single piece of equipment is as essential to a climber’s safety as their rope. Ropes are manufactured to the highest quality specifications in order to stop a falling climber, which can generate an enormous amount of force reaching into the thousands of pounds. For safety purposes, these ropes need to be retired often and we give them a second life helping to protect your dog.

Upgraded Trigger Hardware

Most dog leashes use a standard swivel snap-hook to connect the leash to the dog’s collar. Snap-hooks have small latches which make them hard to open and are overall less dependable as they easily become sticky, seize up, and even break. All of our leashes and couplers utilize a swivel trigger-hook; emphasis on “trigger” as they have a large opening and closing latch, making them easier and more efficient to grip, even with gloved hands. They are much stronger, operate more smoothly, and will last the life of your dog.

Unique & Colorful Styling

Climbing ropes come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You could say they even make a fashion statement of sorts. We carefully mull through hundreds of ropes and select the colors and styles that are sure to help you and your pet make a statement. Whether you are beating the streets around town or hitting the trails to your next summit, pick out your favorite and show off you and your pet’s unique personality.

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Custom Leashes

Our leashes come in a variety of standard sizes. These sizes are the most popular lengths for various stages of your dogs development. If you would like a custom length leash, please contact us directly for requests and special pricing.


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