Blue Splitter Leash


Pair with any leash to walk two dogs with one leash!

Blueberry BurstBlueberry Burst
Twist & ShoutTwist & Shout
Reef's EdgeReef's Edge
Mountain TopMountain Top
Euro DiscoEuro Disco
Glacier BayGlacier Bay
Ice BlueIce Blue
Studio 54Studio 54
SKU: DC2410-0414


All of our dog leashes are handmade in the USA from rock climbing rope. Our 2-foot splitter is best for dogs of all sizes. It can be attached to any of our dog leashes but works particularly great with our 1 and 2-foot traffic lead options. Can be used with two dogs of the same size or two completely different sized dogs.

- Durable trigger hardware
- Splits one leash into two
- Reinforced stitching on all stress points