Collar Sizing

Follow the steps below to ensure that you get the perfect sized collar for your pup!


  • Measure your dog’s neck by using a cloth or sewing tap measure, string, or flexible object.
  • Take your measuring object and wrap it around your dog’s neck where your dog normally wears their collar. Make sure it isn’t too tight, you should be able to get a finger or two under the collar.
  • If using a string or other flexible object, use it to determine the size around your dog’s neck, and then measure that length on a ruler or tape measure.
  • Order a collar based on the measurements using the graph below. If the measurement falls between the sizes, and your dog is still growing, consider going up in size so the collar can grow with them!



Standard Collars


Fi Collars

The collar sizes include the collar plus the Fi module. Please use the same steps as above to determine the collar size needed for your pup. The sizing is slightly different from our standard collars, so take note below.