Trail Bell - Neutrals - Rope Hounds
Trail Bell - Neutrals - Rope Hounds
Trail Bell - Neutrals - Rope Hounds

Dog Trail Bell - Neutrals

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About Trail Bells

Our dog collar trail bells are designed to give you peace of mind on the trail. Simply slide the loop through your dog’s Rope Hounds collar, and when your companion explores the world, you will hear them jingling along the trail. Choose from four colors to mix and match with your existing Rope Hounds collar!

• Lightweight
• Fits on all Rope Hounds collars
• Mix and Match with your current collar
• Fits over collars up to 1.5" wide
• Made out of durable climbing rope
• Engraved silver cowbell
• Handmade in the USA
• 4.5” in total length

Easily Slip Onto Collar


With Adventure in Mind!

Because life is more fun when you can explore with gear you can trust.

Customer Reviews

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Lisa M.
Love it!

We just love this bell! Not only does our girl wear it on her walks, but we keep it on her at all times. It helps so that we know where she is throughout the house. It’s helpful so that no one with mobility issues will trip over her. We can’t thank you enough!!

Jeannie N.

Great product! Love the added peace of mind I get when we are out on a hike an I know where my dogs are.

Lisa U.
Trail Bell

Love the Trail Bell! It has a sweet little ring when your dog walks beside you. Can't wait to take our dog hiking!

Tatsiana G.
Great quality

I absolutely love it!

Loves it

He loves the bell. When he hears someone pick it up he comes running. He knows he gets to go on a run or the mountain bike trails. I know exactly where he is and other bikers hear us coming. And when we are just out in the woods I don’t have to keep looking for him. He can explore where he wants. But really, it’s a bell Whats to review. It makes noise and looks like it will last. I’m sure I’ll lose it before anything goes wrong. And if I do I’ll get another. If you run or bike with your dog you need one.