Splitter Leash - Neutrals - Rope Hounds
Splitter Leash - Neutrals - Rope Hounds
Splitter Dog Leash - Neutrals

Splitter Dog Leash - Neutrals

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About Splitter Leashes

All of our dog leashes are handmade in the USA from rock climbing rope. Our 2′ splitter is best for dogs of all sizes. It can be attached to any of our dog leashes but works particularly great with our 2′ traffic lead options. Can be used with two dogs of the same size or two completely different-sized dogs.

• Durable trigger hardware
• Splits one leash into two
• Reinforced stitching on all stress points
Dog Leash Clasp
Swivel, Quick Release Clasp
Walk Two Dogs at Once

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jeff P.
Love this!

It works so well with my two 80+ lb boxers.

Theresa R.
Love this leash!

I recently got a second Portuguese, water dog, walking them with separate leashes, was becoming a nightmare! This is made our lives so much easier. Love it!

Linda T.
Great practical leashes for walking multiple dogs!

I love the tandem leashes! It makes walking two or more dogs much easier and you don't get tangled up in multiple leashes. Highly recommend!

Claudia L.
Awesome seatbelt splitter for small Aussies

These two well behaved minis are each under 15 lbs but sit on the passenger side. I love having them there with me. This seatbelt splitter makes it possible!

Perfect for Aussies

So easy to manipulate with these active puppies. They are calm and walk together!!!