Splitter Leash - Multicolored - Rope Hounds
Splitter Leash - Multicolored - Rope Hounds
Splitter Dog Leash - Multicolored

Splitter Dog Leash - Multicolored

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About Splitter Leashes

All of our dog leashes are handmade in the USA from rock climbing rope. Our 2′ splitter is best for dogs of all sizes. It can be attached to any of our dog leashes but works particularly great with our 2′ traffic lead options. Can be used with two dogs of the same size or two completely different-sized dogs.

• Durable trigger hardware
• Splits one leash into two
• Reinforced stitching on all stress points
Dog Leash Clasp
Swivel, Quick Release Clasp
Walk Two Dogs at Once

Customer Reviews

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Suzanne G.
Country dog goes to town!

Navigating downtown Kansas City was chic and easy for this country dog all because of a short city appropriate leash!! Thanks bunches for recycling and knowing what keeps my pup safe and active lifestyle

Michael G.
Excellent quality

Very strong hardware to hold both my large GoldenDoodle and Golden Retriever

Jamie C.

Awesome lead and the splitter is great with two Goldens, definitely will be a returning customer!

Dyallen E.
Awesome splitters

Must have! I’ve been looking for a great splitter to walk my two girls. None of the splitter I found in chain pet store is as good as Rope Hounds’! The quality and craftsmanship of Rope Hounds splitter is amazing. I am so impressed. It’s perfect to use with 2 ft leash!

Fantastic firework!

This is the very first splitter that I have ever used, and I absolutely love it!
First, the color is perfect because I usually have Bauer in blue, and Levi in red, so this dual one suits them perfectly!
First off, the durability is unmatched! I never really trusted a splitter in the event that if both dogs pulled for whatever reason, that the clasp would break, but I have zero concern with this one. The clasps, rings and ropes are top notch and I would trust it if I were dangling from a cliff.
It’s also perfect because it frees up a hand for whet ever reason, whether it is to take out a treat or poop bag, answer a text message, or pick my nose (jkjk).
Sometimes, if I am taking my dogs to a trail where I know they are going to be off leash the whole time, I will bring this splitter and just loop it over my shoulders in the event that something happens and I neeed to clip them in, it prevents me from bringing two full leashes.
I use my two 6ft leads with traffic handle most of the time, but this has been a super handy option!