Why Start Rope Hounds?

April 2, 2021

Why Dog Products?

By: Rex Warr

Why start another dog products company? I have been asked that question…a lot. When I started Rope Hounds, I wanted to make a company I was proud of. I desired to start a small, family-owned business where the dog products were handmade in the US. A business that, when you have a question, you connect straight with me.

"I am pouring my heart and soul into the business every day."

The initial idea came after talking to a friend. I realized there was a need for quality pet products that were adventure-ready, made with durable materials, yet still delivered quickly. We stay on top of production, allowing us to make products that are in-stock and customized to your needs. In fact, our collars are often made after ordered to ensure that the sizing is a perfect fit for your dog. Orders are usually sent out within 24-hours, making sure your products arrive fast.

Everyone at Rope Hounds is an animal lover, so we know that your pet is part of your family and deserves the best. We want Rope Hounds to be a part of your family also. 

We desire to make gear you can trust. Gear that you believe in. And be a company you want to support.

A Few of Our Favorite Products

Trail Bells

Trail Bells

Buy Here

Classic Rope Collars

Buy Here

Urban Handle Leash

Buy Here

Doggy Seatbelt

Buy Here

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  • Tracy Johnson

    I saw your add in the AKC magazine and was pleased to find it. My dog, a white golden retriever, has grown too big for a kennel to fit in the car. I have the canvas cover for the seat but need a good way to secure him. I have order your doggy seatbelt and look forward to using it soon.

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