Urban Handle Leashes

March 9, 2022

Urban Handle Leashes 

Our most versatile product!

One of our most popular products is our Urban Handle Leashes. You can think of it as two products in one. 

These leashes are designed for the pup that can explore on a longer lead, but also needs to be kept close to their owners. Think of it as a two-handle leash.


The second handle functions as a built-in traffic lead. Traffic leads help keep your furry friend close to you. These short leads are often used as training tools for medium to large dogs. The leads can be used while walking with your dog in the city or while going on an adventure hike in the wild.

We sell our Urban Handle leashes in 4 ft and 6 ft lengths. This gives you and your dog the flexibility you need while on your adventure. Our leashes are made with climbing rope, ensuring durability with wonderfully bright colors.  

 Check out our selection today and get one of the most versatile products for your best friend!

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