Trick or Treating with your Dog!

October 19, 2021

How to Trick-or-Treat with your dog!

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? Do you want to share the fun of trick-or-treating with all your family members (including the furry kind?). Here are a few tips and things to remember if you want to take your dog trick-or-treating with you and your family on Halloween.

First, make sure your dog is well behaved around others (especially children) and ensure they are not scared of new people, loud sounds, and situations. Even the best-behaved dog can become scared in new and different situations, so be aware of how your dog may react and pay attention to their needs as the night goes on. If your dog is often nervous in public, Halloween may not be the best night to take them out with the family.

(Isn’t Harper in the spider costume just the cutest? You follow along with her adventures here!)

Ready to try it out? Here are a few tips to make the night go smoothly.

1: Use a dog leash - preferably a shorter one. In this situation, a shorter leash is probably better. Our 2’ traffic lead is perfect for medium to large dogs to keep them close while walking. For small dogs, our 4’ classic dog leash is the perfect length to keep them close. Or, our urban handle dog leash is the best of both worlds! It has an extra handle by the collar, allowing you to pull your dog close when needed.

2’ Traffic Lead

Urban Handle Leash

2: Dress them up in a reflective costume or vest. Make sure you are visible while walking around. And, if you dress them up in a costume, test it out on a walk before Halloween to make sure it is comfortable for them and not too hot or cold.

3: Take all the essentials with you: poop bags, collapsible bowl, water, etc. 

4: Pack some dog treats so you can give them their own treat when they are being good! And please, do not feed them human candy or let anyone else feed them! Chocolate and sugar are harmful to dogs. Remind your children of this as they will definitely want to share their goodies.   

5: Find a dog-specific trick or treat event in your town! Many towns have dog-specific Halloween events that include trick-or-treating, costume contests, and more! If you are local to Bentonville, be sure to check out the Growloween event happening this Saturday, 12-5 pm. Our friends at Three Dog Bakery are throwing this event in support of a local cause. For $15, you can visit multiple spots around Downtown Bentonville and trick-or-treat for dog treats with your pup! Rope Hounds will be one of the stops, so be sure to stop by and show off your dog’s costume and get a treat for your pup. Find out more information here.

These tips should help make the night go smooth and full of great memories. And, as anytime out with your pup, realize that plans may have to change quickly if your pup start to get a little anxious or scared. So make sure you have alternate plans if needed. Don’t forget to snap a few pics - and tag us on instagram!   

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