Rope Reviews: 4 Barkansas

February 12, 2022

Rope Reviews: 4Barkansas


The hot take from our Rope Hounds Ambassadors!

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your story with Rope Hounds.  

Hi guys! We are 4Barkansas. My name is Dyallen (Dee), and my husband is Jake. We live in Rogers, Arkansas. We own 5 rescues pups, Shadow & Razzie (boxers), Oscar & Finn (dachshunds), and Lola Ray (staffy/bulldog mix). We got first our Rope Hounds collar in January 2020 as a gift for Razzie's 1st Gotcha Day. After our first collar, we kept coming back to purchase more Rope Hounds products.  We became Rope Hounds ambassadors in March 2020. We decided to join the Rope Hounds team because we were very impressed with the first collar we purchased. We are a huge supporter of local small businesses. When we met the Rope Hounds team in person, we grew more in love with the brand. Every single person we met at the store was great. They are very welcoming and friendly. 

 Why do you like Rope Hounds? 

 We love Rope Hounds because of the people and the quality of the products. I've never been in a store where my product was hand-made as I ordered. Rex is always giving special attention to every collar or leash he makes.


What is your favorite Rope Hounds product and why?  

 Our favorite Rope Hounds product is the leash/harness combo. First, our Razzie needs to wear a harness. She is such a wiggle worm. The Rope Hounds Harness works like a non-slip harness. The more she pulls/wiggles, the tighter the harness hugging her body. Also, there is no more robust harness than a climbing rope harness. Our second favorite is wide adventure collars (bully breeds like boxers and staffy mixes have thick necks and broad chests). These wide collars are strong and look great on them!

Tell us anything else you would like to include We are so proud to be a part of the Rope Hounds ambassador program!! Being part of the team is one of the most exciting experiences living in NWA! We are proud to be a part of the Rope Hounds journey.

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