How to Use the Fi Compatible Collar

January 24, 2022

How to Use our
Fi Compatible GPS Collars


It is no surprise that we love the Fi Compatible GPS Collars! Fi Smart Collars track your dog's activity level, track their location with GPS, and even monitor them while they sleep. Talk about ALWAYS keeping tabs on your pup! It is like getting your dog their own Apple Watch... that is chew-proof, water-proof, Bluetooth, and WiFi-enabled. So, in honor of National Walk Your Dog Month, we are breaking down one of the most versatile accessories for your dog, the Fi Series 2 Module.  

Did you know that the Fi Module is easy to remove? It can be placed on either style of our Fi Compatible Collars, Wide or Classic. Both options have genuine Fi end links and are made with a durable backer to help take the stress off your Fi module.  


Let's break it down.

Fi series 2 Module

First, we will show you how to remove your module from the collar easily. 
Start by holding the Fi Module in your hands. 
Pick one side of the Fi Module and bend it away from you at the joint as far as it will go. 
Using both hands apply pressure to the silver end link, pushing away from you. At the same time, press the Fi Module in towards you. This should pop the module out of the link. 

And voila! You have successfully removed one end of your Fi Module from the collar. Repeat on the other side. 

Which Fi Compatible Collar?

Now Decide If You Want To Put Your Fi Module On The Classic Fi Collar Or The Wide Fi Collar.

Wide Fi Collars

The Wide Fi Collar is made for BIG dogs. The band is an extra-wide, 1.5" and available in XL only. There are four colors for the Wide Fi Collar: Puppy Love, Blue Lagoon, Army Tread, and Island Dog. 

Shop Wide Fi Collars

Classic Fi Collars

The Classic Fi Collar Fits Most Dogs. They Are 1" Wide And Are Available In Small, Medium, And Large; They Come In Various Colors! 

Shop Classic Fi COllars

Don't have a Fi GPS of your own yet?

Don't worry if you don't have a Fi Series 2 GPS Collar of your own. Use code "ROPEHOUNDS50" for $50 off a Fi Series 2 module! Also, don't forget to snag a Rope Hounds Fi Compatible Collar of your own! 

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