Happy (almost) Summer!

June 3, 2021

Happy (almost) summer!

By: Lindsay Custer

Summer may not “officially” start till June 20th, but everyone knows that Memorial Weekend is the official kick-off to summer. From getting outside more to hopefully going on that amazing summer vacation, this is the perfect time of the year to explore more with your dog! And while you explore, we want you to be sure your dog can join in and stay safe while adventuring! Here are a few ways to keep you and your best friend happy this summer!

Drive Safe

Get a seatbelt here

When traveling with your dog, how often does he/she want to be in your lap? We know it's their favorite place, but it may not be the safest spot in the car. Drive distraction-free with a dog seat belt! A dog seat belt attaches directly to your car seat belt receptacle and clips to your pup’s harness. This keeps them in their own seat and allows you to drive distraction-free!*

*This product is not crash tested - it is intended for pet restraint only. 

Keep an ear on your pup

Buy a Trail Bell here

Do you explore off-leash with your dog? Dogs can be gone in a second if they decide to chase after that squirrel! This is why a trail bell is a perfect companion. This bell simply slides over their collar so you can always keep an ear on your pup. It is lightweight yet durable and gives you a little peace of mind. In addition, many people have shared how handy the bell is in bear country! For those of you going to the mountains this summer, this bell can help keep wild animals away.

Use trusted products

Check out our leashes!

And of course, a sturdy leash and collar set is always needed. Get a set you trust and can withstand the elements! Our collars and leashes are handmade and use adventure-ready materials. This means that you can adventure hard and know that they will stand up to everything your pup may throw at them.

We are excited to see all the fun adventures you go on this summer! Be sure to tag us on Instagram so we can see (and probably be jealous!) of all the fun places you explore together!

A Few of Our Favorite Products

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Trail Bells

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