Urban Handle Leash - Yellows - Rope Hounds
Urban Handle Leash - Yellows - Rope Hounds
Urban Handle Leash - Yellows - Rope Hounds
Urban Handle Leash - Yellows - Rope Hounds
Urban Handle Dog Leash - Yellows

Urban Handle Dog Leash - Yellows

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About Urban Leashes

All of our dog leashes are handmade in the USA from rock climbing rope. 4 and 6-foot urban handle leashes have an extra "handle" where the leash attaches to the collar. This is great for when you need to quickly bring your dog close during a walk and then resume back to roaming.

• Durable trigger hardware
• Extra traffic handle close to the dog for extra control
• Convenient bottle opener
• Reinforced stitching on all stress points

Add on a comfy, removable neoprene grip for the ultimate in dog walking comfort!

Dog Leash Grip
Don't Forget a Comfy Grip
New Rope Hounds Bottle Opener
Handy Bottle Opener
Swivel Quick Release Trigger
4-Foot Urban Leash
6-Foot Urban Leash

Customer Reviews

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Deborah F.
Urban handle dog leash

LOVE it!!!!!! This is my second one, not that my original is worn out but it’s a Xmas present for my dog :). My dog is extremely strong and pulls, so I especially appreciate the leash grip - it makes all the difference to my hands. Great product, durable and attractive.

Makala S.
Functional AF!!!

I love this! I have two dogs and am new to walking them by myself and this is a life saver! The dogs definitely have some adjusting to do but it doesn’t impact the function of this leash at all! The short handle is perfect to grab (and comfortable) during city walking and the long leash is awesome for puppy freedom in open areas. The clasp parts are high quality and easy to open and close. The rope color is wicked cool and the quality is phenomenal!

Austin L.
Absolute love it

Easily the coolest, best lookin’, and reasonably priced leash on the market. Have yet to go on a stumble with my dog and use the bottle opener but it’ll come in handy in due time.

Deanna K.
Love this leash!

This is the best leash we’ve ever owned and our dog loves it too! Winston is a 90 pound Labrador retriever and the urban handle makes it much easier to go for walks - keeps him close and hardly any pulling.

Elaine H.

This leash is great! Gives my pup freedom on walks while I can bring him in closer when around a lot of people or crossing busy intersections. Very sturdy and strong. I also got the neoprene grip- a must have addition in my opinion.