Holiday Dog Lover Gift Guide

November 4, 2021

Holiday Gift Guide for the Dog Lover (or dog!) in your life!

Are you in the holiday shopping spirit yet? Because it’s that time of the year again! If you need to find a gift for a dog parent in your life but not sure what the best gift for them is, check out these recommendations! Not only are our products beautiful but also very useful! These gifts will please both the parent AND the dog.

Or maybe you just want to spoil your own best friend this holiday season. We got you there too!

All these gifts are under $50!

For the large dog owner

Urban Handle Leash

Our Urban Handle Rope Leash is great for large dogs. Not only is it extra durable since it is made using climbing rope, it also has an extra handle down by the collar that the parent can use in high-traffic situations. Or when, you know, the pup tries to chase that fun squirrel!

2’ Traffic Lead

Our 2’ Traffic Lead is super handy. Small and portable, it’s the perfect leash to take along when you might need to keep your dog close.

For Any Dog Owner!

Our classic leash is perfect for any dog size and personality. This leash comes in over 50 colors, so you can find one that is perfect for anyone's style!

For Two-Dog Owner

Check out our Splitter Leash! This leash turns any regular leash into two! We recommend connecting it to our 2’ Traffic Lead, but it works with any regular leash. Walks with two dogs suddenly get way easier!

For the traveler and explorer

Seat Belt

Does a dog parent in your life love to travel with their dog? Our Dog Seat Belt is the perfect gift! It easily attaches to the dog’s harness, and then clips into the car’s seat belt receptacle. Keeping their pup safely in their seat and the driver distraction-free!

Trail Bell

Our trail bell is the perfect gift for those who love to hike or run off-leash with their dog. This bell simply slides over the dog’s collar and jingles along the way.

we hope this gives you some good ideas, and that everyone has an amazing holiday season!

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